Thursday, September 09, 2010

Moving Day - Part 2

With the boat secure on the hydraulic trailer, the boat was slowly pulled backwards out of the barn. Unlike the installation five years ago, when the transporter was able to drive in the East door and out the West door, a large pond was now blocking the access to the West door, so now "Second Wind" would travel backwards to Lake Erie.

We were apprehensive about the clearance of the mast beneath the door, but it worked out fine.

Half way out, we halted for final adjustments and strapping to the trailer, and then the boat was rolled out onto the East pasture, much to the annoyance of the goats!

It's easy to see the door clearance in this shot. The boat sits down by the bow to keep the mast level for transporting. Our road height was just about 11' 8", well below the legal limit of 13' 6".

Funny how the boat looks smaller once it's out of the confines of the barn stall.

With great care the driver nursed the rig across the pasture and onto Troy's driveway, then with a wide swing to the left, he pulled onto the narrow two-lane road - on our way at last!

We planned to follow the transporter all the way to Brands' Marina, in Port Clinton, OH, but just as we passed through downtown Warren, IN, just three miles from the barn, the truck blew out his AC compressor. Continuing on to Lake Erie was not an option due to the design of the truck systems, so it was into the truck stop at I-69 and SR 5 for him.

The mechanics at the stop had the parts, but it would take most of the afternoon to change out the AC unit, so I went on home. We would meet up with the truck on Thursday morning at the intersection of I-469 and US-24, East of Fort Wayne.

I was just satisfied to be out of the barn and on our way. The boat seemed to ride well and we were confident that the trip would go smoothly.

Part 3 will show the arrival at Brands' Marina.


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