Sunday, October 30, 2005

Well, I suppose we're making progress. Today Barb and I tackled the topsides that were gray with grime. Simple Green and three hours of scrubbing took the cabin exterior back to white. The gel coat is dulled and has some spiderwebbing, but it's solid and with sanding and painting it should come back to life nicely. I couldn't resist taking a couple of photos that readers can compare with the before images.

We were worried about water intrusion. The chaulking is old and since the boat is not sitting quite level, the washwater pooled along the gunwhales, up to three inches deep in spots, but other than water dripping in under the edges of the hatches (they are not sealed), the interior stayed dry. We are hoping to just rechaulk the teak deck and not have to pull it up. The portlights (portholes) and all hardware will have to be removed, cleaned and then rechaulked, but that's not such a bad job and will happen after the interior is done and the topsides are repainted.

Barb gave me a hand finishing off the workbench and I tested my XM radio and found I got pretty good reception in the barn so now I can have music and keep up with news as I work. (Maybe I need a cot in the loft too, so I can take a quick power nap when I get tired!)

I took a photo of the bundles of teak wood trim that we pulled out of the boat. Amazingly, about 80% of it is in good condition and will be put to good use. Our next task is painting the interior of cabinets, pulling the old head (marine toilet) and installing the new electrical wiring. If we can get the electrical done by Christmas we'll be well on our way.


Blogger robert said...

Satellite radio rocks. Beats the $%@$# out of terrestrial radio.

You have got a great workspace! A barn is perfect. I would love to have something like that for my Westsail 42. In fact there is next door, but the owner doesnt seem to keen to sell it.

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